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Winter 2006



IMMF Significant progress has been made in crystalizing the plans for the 65th anniversary of the Battle of Midway in Hawaii and on Midway Atoll. The events for the commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the Battle of Midway commence in Hawaii on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 with a welcoming cocktail reception on the Hau Terrace of the Halekulani Hotel. Representatives from the U.S. Navy, National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Travel Agent Robert Folliard (301) 437-6015) and myself will be present to welcome you and provide information about the week's activities.

The Battle of Midway Symposium follows on:

Thursday, May 31, 2007
Place: Ballroom of the Halikulani Hotel
Time: 0900-1530
Lunch: 1200-1330

Friday, June 1, 2007
Place: Ballroom of the Halekulani Hotel
Time: 0900-1600
Lunch: 1200-1330

There is new information on the Battle of Midway which will make for a particularly interesting symposium this year. A number of noted historians will be invited to participate in the Symposium.

IMMF On Saturday, June 2, 2007 the International Midway Memorial Foundation (IMMF) will host a ceremony commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway aboard the USS Missouri Battleship Memorial. Senator Daniel K. Inouye has been invited to be the keynote speaker. Lunch will follow in the newly-opened USS Missouri mess hall. The remainder of the day is open for your personal activities.

On Sunday, June 3, 2007, the Foundation will host the Thirteenth Annual Midway Night Dinner on the Hau Terrace of the Halekulani Hotel. ***Remember, this event is a formal, black-tie affair. At this time of the year a white dinner jacket is appropriate. ***

*** Military Historic Tours, which was going to Hawaii independently at this time, has rearranged its schedule to join the IMMF on all of its commemorative events of the week honoring the veterans of the Battle of Midway. ***


Military Historic Tours (MHT) is collaborating with the IMMF for the events on Hawaii and Midway Atoll this year. In this regard, MHT is in the process of signing a contract with Continental Airlines for a chartered 737 aircraft holding about 140 passengers for the flight to Midway Atoll on June 4, 2007. At the current level of participation, the estimated passenger cost is $800.00 round trip. The cost will be lower if the plane is filled.

In addition, Princess Cruise Lines is sailing to Midway directly from California with 1500 passengers for the June 4th ceremony. An invitation to President Bush has been sent by both the IMMF and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to be the keynote speaker at this event, which, we are told, is on the President's schedule. We will be notified if he is able to attend. A special part of the Midway ceremony will include a raising of the Battle of Midway National Memorial Flag and the unveiling of a new sign that specifies that the Midway Atoll is both a National Wildlife Refuge and National Memorial to the Battle of Midway.

IMMF ***The Spring newsletter will provide further updates on the events in Hawaii and on Midway Atoll. One may turn to the IMMF web site at www.IMMF-Midway.com and click on newsflash for bulletins on these events. Please remember EACH person traveling with the IMMF must be a member of the Foundation.***


Chris and I are pleased to report that our restaurant, Penne Trattoria, is receiving critical acclaim by the highly-regarded local magazine "Sarasota, Downtown and Beyond." Some of our hard work is paying off—at least in words! We look forward to seeing many of our old friends in Hawaii and on Midway. Happy New Year to everyone.

Written By:

James M. Dangelo

Chairman and Founder, IMMF

Written By:

M. Christine Sims

Vice President and Chairman, IMMF

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