A 75th Anniversary Commemorative Stamp for the Battle of Midway

In order to further the remembrance of the Battle of Midway, and to bring widespread public attention to the importance of the Battle of Midway, James D’Angelo, MD (founder and Chairman, IMMF) has succeeded in his bid to have a bill introduced in Congress to provide for the issuance of a Battle of Midway 75th Anniversary Semipostal Stamp. With the assistance and support of Congressmen John Fleming (R- and John Duncan, Senate bill S.2638 was introduced by Senator Daniel Sullivan (R-AK) on March 3, 2016. You can follow the progress of this legislation at If you would like to support passage of the bill and issuance of the Battle of Midway Commemorative Stamp, please contact your U.S. Senator. Your participation in the effort would be greatly appreciated!

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