Pacific Rivalry: At the Turning Point

The Battle of Midway was a significant victory for the United States in World War II in the Pacific because it caused the destruction of the Japanese Navy, from which it never recovered. But more importantly, the Battle of Midway had implications far beyond the Pacific, because its outcome enabled the United States to continue to focus the remaining war effort in the Atlantic theater, which eventually led to the defeat of the Axis countries by the Allied forces of Europe and America. This fact is not well-appreciated by many historians or by the American public in general.

Pacific Rivalry: At the Turning Point, a manuscript written by James M. D’Angelo focuses on an analysis of the Battle of Midway and on its significance on the outcome of World War II in its entirety. It explores all aspects of the Battle, and gives new insight into the analysis of the battle and in its context to the entirety of World War II. It has been reviewed by the U.S. Naval Institute Press, and is currently undergoing a revision process.

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