Alliance between Nauticos and IMMF

The Nauticos organization and the Foundation have formed a cooperative alliance to find the four Japanese carriers (Akagi, Kaga [a large piece of which was discovered by Nauticos in 1999], Soryo and Hiryu) sunk off the Midway Islands during the Battle of Midway. With the assistance of MOAA, An attempt to locate the carriers was made in March 2016, however, bad weather in the search area precluded discovery during that time. We are confident that there will be opportunities in the future to continue this search.

In addition to the Kaga segment, Nauticos has discovered other deep underwater shipwrecks, including the I-52 (a WWII-era Japanese submarine), DAKAR (an Israeli submarine missing for 30 years), and a 2,000 year-old shipwreck in the Eastern Mediterranean discovered during the search for DAKAR.

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